Conservation and diversity in transcriptional regulation of developmental processes in crop and model plant species

Cis-element conservation and divergence in plant reproductive development

This project will use genomics technologies in a comparative context to harness the information present in the diversity of species to fill in the gaps in our understanding of model and crop plants. We will focus on a fundamental, economically important and experimentally tractable biological system, plant reproduction, and use genomic and post-genomic tools to model and manipulate the regulatory network at the centre of the reproductive process. Using a comparative approach, we aim to understand how evolutionary variation in non-coding DNA regions has led to variation in reproductive processes in (crop) species. To derive maximum benefit from a broad comparative analysis, we will focus on a key set of genetic interactions characterised in depth in the reference species Arabidopsis thaliana.

Our final aim of this project is to achieve an understanding of the cis-regulatory elements controlling reproduction in plants, to understand the evolutionary variation in this network and to benefit from this information to predictably manipulate the system.

For more detailed information see project description.

The CisCode project is granted by the ERA-PG consortium.